Pedestrian Walkways

Porous Lane Footpath is a product suitable for areas that are mainly used for pedestrians to walk. Its mechanical flexibility makes walking on it more pleasant and softer on your knees, while its strength allows for occasional car traffic to drive on it.

Tree Protection Zones

Porous Lane TPZ is a product suitable for covering around the trees to prevent soil to be washed away and allows the tree roots to find their required water under the tree in depth. Research has shown that allowing the water to infiltrate into deeper layers under the tree can result in the tree roots growing vertically rather than looking for condensed water under the impermeable pavements.


Porous Lane Carpark is a product suitable for parkings and lightly trafficked areas. The product (including the layers underneath) is designed as a system to tolerate traffic loads that prevents flash floods by allowing water to go through.


Porous Lane Driveway is a product suitable for driveways of established or newly-developed houses. While it is trafficable, it allows the water to go through instead of adding to the load of the street stormwater pipe. This way, a more portion of the land may be used.

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