Research and Development

Our product has been developed by the team at the University of Melbourne and extensively tested both in laboratory under various loading conditions and in field under real traffic loads. The University of Melbourne is the licensor of the technology to Porous Lane.

The performance of this product under different loading conditions has been studied and understood.

Research Publications


Title: Mechanical Performance of Tire-Derived Aggregate Permeable Pavements Under Live Traffic Loads

Conference: 4th International Conference of Transportation Geotechnics – Chicago, US


Title: Experiments and Dimensional Analysis of Waste Tire-Based Permeable Pavements

Journal: Geosynthetics International


Title: Infiltration Rates of Recycled Tyre-Based Permeable Asphalt Pavements and Future Maintenance

Conference: Stormwater2021 – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Title: Field performance monitoring of waste tire-based permeable pavements

Journal: Transportation Geotechnics


Title: Performance evaluation of semi-flexible permeable pavements under cyclic loads

Journal: International Journal of Pavement Engineering


Title: Mechanical behaviour and load bearing mechanism of high porosity permeable pavements utilizing recycled tire aggregates.

Journal: Construction and Building Materials


Title: Field Test Results on Permeable Pavements Comprising Tyre Derived Aggregates

Conference: 10th International Conference on Water Sensitive Urban Design – Perth, 


Title: Application of Semi-rigid Composite Permeable Pavements.

Conference: Australian Geomechanics Society Sydney Chapter Symposium, Sydney, New South Wales

Presentations and Workshops


Title: Waste Tyre Permeable Pavement, From Research to Field and Commercialisation

Host: Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia – Victoria


Title: Let’s Talk: Mahdi Disfani, University of Melbourne The St Mary’s permeable carpark trial

Host: Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia – South Australia

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