Waste Tyre Permeable Pavement

Turning old tyres into new flood-free pavements!

 We divert waste tyres from landfills by reusing them in an engineered permeable pavement. The mission of the company is to minimize the waste tyres going to landfills and the risk of flash floods in urban areas. This mission can be accomplished by using our product to cover all of the car parks and lightly-trafficked areas – Which was impossible before!

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Waste Tyre Permeable Pavement
Australian waste tyres re-used!

Innovative & Sustainable Product

Current impermeable roads contribute to flash flooding. Permeable pavements, unlike conventional asphalt paving, allows water to pass through the surface, reducing storm water runoff and pollution in waterways. Current permeable pavements are not suitable for roads, but our cutting-edge product ticks all the boxes our competitors can’t, to provide you robust, flood-free roads!

High Permeability

Our product has a permeability 5 times higher than recommended by the international guidelines for permeable pavements.

Waste Tire Management

Our product is made of up to 50% Australian recycled tyre making it a sustainable paving solution.

Tree Root Protection

Our product provides support to tree roots while making sure they have the freedom to grow and that they get enough rainfall.

The product is an engineered permeable pavement system which is the outcome of years of research at the University of Melbourne. The tests and trials done by the team of researchers at Uni of Melbourne has proven its potential to be used to cover areas previously impossible by other permeable pavements!

What We Do

We design an engineered porous pavement system for different applications, from pedestrian walkways to driveways and car parks! The pavement design and the material are specifically designed for each application based on the experimental knowledge and real-scale trials in Australia.


Our product has been engineered both in terms of materials we use and the design of the pavement layers. This has made our product enjoying from required flexibility and strength both at the same time. It will not get cracked when loads are applied or ground displacements are imposed on the pavement, while still has enough bearing capacity to support the traffic loads.

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